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Patterson and Sons Chimney Cleaning

As the name implies, Patterson and Sons Chimney Cleaning is a family owned business that has been in service since 1982. They really started to gain a reputation around the Houston area in the 1980s, and now they have a small team capable of handling a bunch of different issues that might occur.

Any type of chimney cleaning, inspection, repair or relining can be handled without any issues whatsoever. The company actually receives a lot of calls for animal removal, and they have gained a reputation for being able to handle any type of animal thrown into harm’s way. Not only do they take care of the situation, but they are often able to rescue the animals and allow it to live a healthy life afterwards.

Since it is a family owned business, a person can always expect cheap prices compared to most of the competition. They take a lot of pride in their work, and it shows from the very beginning. Every single project that Patterson and Sons Chimney Cleaning takes on is fully guaranteed for up to one year after. That means if a person has any issues with their chimney or drive and repair, they can get additional service free of charge.

Flexibility has always been a major focus for the company, and they provide service mostly based on appointments. For an emergency situation, they also offer those services locally.

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