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Chimney Sweep Corpus Christi Texas

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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning or sweeping entails removing soot, built-up creosote and blockages from the chimney liner, smoke chamber, firebox and damper. The process entails certified Best Chimney Sweeps Corpus Christi technicians who are equipped with a range of equipment cleaning the chimney’s inside. Over a period, a chimney could get congested with gunk and debris and even creosote. Our technicians would scrape all coating caused by fire.

Such cleaning would help your chimney system operate efficiently and safely. The smallest creosote glazing accumulation can potentially cause chimney fire. Being a highly flammable substance, creosote builds up within your chimney due to wood-burning. This accumulation rate could be more if the burning is not right or the stove or burning appliance isn’t working properly. The creosote amounts produced would vary with the type of wood created. Creosote build-up is very rapid with pine wood and the wood is therefore not recommended as the regular wood source.

How often you must clean your chimney depends primarily on how much you’re using your stove or fireplace. According to experts, fireplaces must be cleaned when the sooty buildup inside the chimney is evident or at least 1/8 inch. If there is any visible glaze in the flue, cleaning must be carried out even if the buildup is lesser than 1/8 inch. Furnace flue setups need cleaning too, so do not overlook the importance of cleaning those venting setups.

Chimney Inspection

To make sure the whole chimney setup is functioning as it should, a yearly chimney inspection is highly advisable. If you are using your chimney on a regular basis, an annual inspection becomes even more important. Other venting systems that connect to your stoves and furnaces must also be cleaned regularly to ensure safer operations. Even if you use your stove or fireplace minimally, an annual inspection is still advised so that you can check on the chimneys, furnace flues, stove systems, and all heating venting setups at least once periodically.

It’s recommended you sign up with a particular chimney inspection service provider in Corpus Christi and stick to them for yearly inspections, for they would be familiar with your home’s layout and chimney setup and would do a better job than a random company offering inspection service a year. Also, a regular chimney inspection company would usually put you on a yearly inspection schedule, and during such inspections, they would advise whether sweeping is advisable or not.

Chimney inspection shouldn’t be a once-in-a-year ritual if there are issues with your fireplace, chimney, or heating setup, or if you have moved in recently into a home that already has a chimney installed, an inspection is required. If your fireplace has stayed unused for significantly long, pests could have built nests, clogging your chimney chamber or flue. If you ignore these factors and wait for a year instead, it would invariably lead to additional repairs. Using unsafe systems continually would cost you several hundred or thousand dollars every year.

Chimney Repair

A chimney isn’t just a lengthened window, not just a conduit from within to the outside with brick sills. In fact, a chimney is a machine that generates airflow to power combustion. Fire-produced hot air in a fireplace goes up a chimney’s column, generating a draft pulling more air to the fireplace, thereby feeding the fire. In short, chimneys are far more complex than they look. The chimney’s exterior is usually brick; however, the interior column – the flue – is usually clay tile.

Repairing a chimney is, therefore, not straightforward and can be done best only by professionals. Experts caution against taking up any kind of chimney repair job if you have never done it before. However, if you are relatively handy inside the house and you are not scared of heights, you may be able to repair the chimney’s exteriors. Repairs on the inside, however, must be left completely to experts or professionals, such as Best Chimney Sweeps Corpus Christi.

If you attempt a repair inside or even outside the chimney by yourself, there are a few things that could go wrong. The chimney cap should be the right size for your chimney. The cap that isn’t the correct height could mess up with the gas flow via the chimney and even create a backdraft. Another thing is using proper drill bits and masonry for repair when setting up a cap mounting to the flue. Cracking the flue, brick, or crown would lead to more problems than what get solved.

Chimney Maintenance

With proper chimney maintenance, you can help your chimney live for decades. A chimney can develop spalling and cracks with regular usage. If you are on point with your chimney maintenance schedule, these issues should not become too problematic. Fixing them becomes easy, in other words, if you detect them early.

Proper chimney maintenance is all about getting the chimney cleaned professionally, carrying out an inspection at least once a year, and getting it repaired by a professional when there is something wrong. Removing ashes, removing fire stains and soot, removing stubborn stains, etc. come under the umbrella of chimney maintenance.

Chimney maintenance is strictly the job of professionals. But there are certain things that you can do to ensure professional repair work does not cost too much. For instance, you can ensure the chimney cap is in solid condition. It shouldn’t be clogged with debris, such as leaves. A wire screen would prevent animals and debris from entering the chimney. Animals such as birds and raccoons could build nests within chimneys that aren’t frequently used.

Check mortar between bricks to ensure they are in proper condition, and that there are no cracks or flakes. Also, inspect the flashing or the spot where the roof and chimney come in contact. Ensure the closure around the flashing is watertight. In case the seal is cracked or damaged, you could get it patched using caulk. Irrespective of the issues you come across while trying to maintain or keep your chimney in good working order, it’s highly advised you get them repaired by a professional.