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Barons Chimney Service

Experience is the main selling point for Barons Chimney Service. They have been located in Katy, Texas for over 25 years. They specialize in chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and any related repairs.

They are one of the best services in the area when it comes to providing quality for each and every client. Not only do they offer full insurance for one year on all work certified chimney cleaners, but they also have a number of awards that give them notoriety in the area. They were honored with a Super Service Award from Angie’s List in 2012, and they have a known locally as a very reliable option in Houston, Katy, Beaumont and Richmond, Texas.

Despite covering a pretty large area overall, the company does a good job of making sure that they are always available for fast service. They have some of the best turnaround times is in the industry right now. Word-of-mouth for their quality service has also helped them stay in business and grow their business for quite some time.

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