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Here at Best Chimney Sweeps we pride ourselves in offering our customers the absolute best local chimney cleaning and repair services. We have a wealth of knowledge to handle any situation, and our team of technicians can usually make an appointment within one business day. For emergency situations, we even offer around the clock service to ensure a home is completely safe.

About Us

Over the last decade, we have been building a reputation by providing quality service in several major metropolitan areas. Why should we be trusted as one of the best options for quality service? Here are a few things that make us different from the rest.


Every single technician with our company has years of experience working on different types of chimneys, fireplaces and dryer vents. Not only is it helpful to know about residential buildings, but commercial buildings as well. We offer coverage for anything ranging from an apartment home in a high-rise to a restaurant in a commercial strip mall.

While other chimney sweeps might have more years on us as a business, we stack our technicians and their experience against all competition. Every single technician that we use must have a certain amount of experience before working with us.

Fall protection

There is never anything to worry about when using us for any service. While we take every precaution necessary, there is always a risk of something going not as planned. We carry full insurance coverage, so liability falls on us if anything goes wrong.

We also do whatever possible to protect a client’s home or business by keeping the worksite very clean. Our goal with every project is to not leave any sign that we were there in the first place.

Fair pricing

It’s easy to feel vulnerable with any type of chimney or venting system issues, simply because nobody knows for sure what repairs cost. Instead of running the risk of getting ripped off, we provide detailed billing for any issues we find.

We believe in fair pricing, and being upfront with all estimated costs. No one should ever feel like they are paying too much for a service like this.

We go beyond certification

Knowledge is power in this industry. We use our education and technology available to us to solve everything as quickly as possible. That starts with a thorough evaluation, and it ends with proper planning.

With new technology comes new safety issues, but we are always prepared for that as well. We consistently go through fire safety classes, as well as other types of training. Our company believes that education in a particular field is a never ending process, and in order to properly serve our customers, we need to always be improving.

Looking out for the customer

Finally, we keep our team small so that we can provide quality customer service for every person we work with. From the initial consultation to the actual work being done, we strive for 100% satisfaction throughout. That means going above and beyond the customer’s expectations, providing professional care that stands out.

If any customer ever has any issues with work done by us within 12 months, we provide free follow ups to make things right. Chimneys and venting systems should be working consistently after major work is done, not causing additional issues.

How to get started with us

Anyone living in the area of one of our physical locations can either call us directly, or schedule a virtual chimney assessment online. We will look over everything that is provided, and make a personal visit to the property if needed.

Once everything is assessed, an appointment can be made as soon as possible. We are able to make it to all parts of your local city in as little as one business day for a lot of different cleanings and repairs.

We encourage all potential customers to ask as many questions as possible beforehand. We are very eager to answer any and all questions, making a person feel very at ease during the entire process. We love to share information with our clients, because that can help down the road as well. Knowing more about dryer vents and chimneys can keep things in working order down the road without professional assistance.